‘It’s a dead zone’

Billy Frank Jr, chair of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, said: “Puget Sound is a dead zone. It’s gone and no one is doing a damn thing… our backyard that’s dying.
    “No one cares about the natural world. This is our sustainable community, and it’s dead. How do you put a spin on this? This is all documented, but never seen on TV.
    “We’ve got to have hope. We can’t stop doing what we’re doing. But there are not enough of us.  We’re being overrun.
    “But we have time, us Indian people. We know how to walk slow. “President Bush will be gone, but we’ll still be there. The government will be gone, but we’ll still be there.
    “We know where we’re going every day. We’ve got that great rhythm of our people, wherever we go.
    “The status quo is unacceptable and we’ve got to change it !