We all need to focus our energy and aroha on our beloved Grandmother Earth. She is suffering and is mortally wounded. The ancient ones are asking for us to contribute to her healing by going to the waters to pray/convey our messages, morning and night. It is crucial to the survival of life as we know it. All that is required is pure intent from
the heart. We are of the Water. All things are of the Water, all water is connected. We all need to pray at, with, in/over the water to assist in turning the tide so to speak, to heal the Earth’s ruptured core. This will help the ancient ones work in bringing balance and healing to our beloved Grand/Mother. This is what they ask of us. This simple act will help prevent a repeat of the catastrophe which befell Atlantis. Yes, it is that serious.

Please read the following message and pass it on to ALL of your networks.It can be accessed on http://www.waitaha.org.nz should you be unable to access it here.We must form a circle of aroha around our beloved Grandmother Earth every sunrise and every sunset. We must be courageous and strong. Kia u, be steadfast, kia mataara, be alert, kia manawanui, be forever strong of heart … for the sake of our Grandchildren now and for the future.

Makere Ruka
Te Korako


Start Time: Saturday, July 10, 2010 at 5:00am
End Time: Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 9:00pm

Description “The Ancient Ones are calling on humankind to go to the waters.”

We call for prayer-gatherings over local waterways.
This Sunday July 11th at dawn and at dusk in preparation for the great shadow eclipse, and again gathering on Monday the 12th at the actual time of the eclipse:

Please share this timely intention worldwide via e-chains and websites.
And individually.. beginning immediately, with every morning and evening star.. Let us send from our hearts, messages of deeply felt apology and love, through bright Venus to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Let us re-imagine, with our hearts, her waters once again crystalline and shimmering with life and light. We need not try to understand how this will be accomplished, but envision it so, with great love. United in purpose, the will of the highest good shall become manifest. Let it be so.