Time :Sunday · 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Location :Heritage Park – 5th & Water Street lawnsOlympia, WA

Water Ceremony

70% of our bodies and of the surface of the Earth is made of water. Dr Emoto asks people around the world to visualize the waters of the Earth bathed in a beautiful golden-silver light on July 25,2010 to bring healing and cleansing to all the earth’s waters, the oceans, and the waters in our own bodies.

By simple yet cumulative efforts, we can each do our part to significantly advance the health of the waters of thi…s planet. Join with others around the world on 25 July to share your positive vibes with a body of water in your area – the ocean, a river, a lake, your own pond. The ceremony will work best if there are at least 3 people doing this together.

In a pond, lake, river, ocean, etc., drop in some droplets of energized water (water which has been positively charged with love, good intentions and prayer). In a circle with at least 2 other people, say to the water, with emotion:

Water, I Love you
Water, I Thank you
Water, I Respect you
and anything else that feels appropriate
— at least 10 times —-

Pat Rasmussen
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