From Ocean Healers:

Dear Friends of the Sea, Ocean Healers, Water Bearers…

We are calling a Gathering to honor and heal the Sea as it is represented by Puget Sound and the Salish Sea.  Join us for the sixth annual Ocean Healing Ceremony. Let us bring music to Her, and dance with Her waves.

Where: Light House Beach at Mukilteo
When: Sunday, August 22 gathering around 6 PM
Who: Anyone who would stand and bless the waters— The web of healers is expanding throughout the World; join us here at the beach and belong to this healing Web.
What to bring:
Bring some food or beverage (non–alcoholic) to share.
Bring your drums/rattles/conch/rain-

sticks/flutes–all music makers that can tolerate the salty air.
Bring a chair if you have one, or blankets to sit upon… (DRESS FOR THE WEATHER)
Bring your love and healing

Please visit my address below to learn the story of this ceremony and to see pictures of ceremonies past.

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