Seminars by Dr. Emoto: Messages from Water

April 21 – Olympia – The Evergreen State College – Longhouse –  6-8 PM – Followed by Book Signing – For more information click here.

Books available at Evergreen State College Book Store – For More Information  Click Here

April 22 “Earth Day” – Seattle – Seattle Unity Church  200 8th Avenue North    7-9 PM

Followed by Book Signing Hosted by East West Bookshop of Seattle

Advance ticket sales   $10  (Students half-price)  online. For more information click here. Event Description

April 23 – Bellingham – Western Washington University – Performing Arts Center – 7-9 PM – Followed by Book Signing hosted by WWU Bookstore.  For more information click here. Dr. Emoto’s books are also on sale in downtown Bellingham at Village Books


April 24 –Salish Sea Blessing Ceremony

with Dr. Masaru Emoto

Along with tribal and non-tribal spiritual spokespeople

11 AM to Noon      Saturday April 24, 2010

Lummi Indian Nation Reservation near Bellingham

or near Salish Sea or its rivers or waters anywhere planet-wide.


April 24 – Olympia

Sacred Ceremonials for the Salish Sea

Water Blessing Join Us anywhere on Mother Earth

Agenda for Sacred Ceremonials for the Salish Sea Ceremony in  click here Olympia

Saturday, April 24, 2010
8:00am – 10:00am
Water Street (Capital Lake Park)
Olympia, WA


We will be joining together in prayer for our beloved Salish Sea. April 24. in front of Traditions on 4th and Water Street  (Capital Lake Park) . Bring your drums, rattles, songs, prayers. There will be an opening prayer then a talking stick will be sent around for everyone to have a chance to either pray aloud or to pray in silence.
Facebook search “Sacred Ceremonials for the Salish Sea”
for flyers:

5 Responses to “Events”

  1. Jeff Whiteside Says:

    Please include me in all mailings

  2. […] Details: […]

  3. Bev Mar Says:

    Pastor Ernie Loreen and I are hosting a blessing ceremony for the Salish Sea in Point Roberts, WA near Vancouver/Tsawwassen, British Columbia at 11 am April 24th and we will join our hearts and prayers with all along the Salish Sea and the waters of the world to bring forth beauty and health in these waters with love and gratitude.

  4. Melissa Duffy Says:

    Salish Sea Blessing at Penn Cove, Whidbey Island WA Begins at 11am


    Location: On the beach at Penn Cove, Whidbey Island:

    This will be a simple ceremony
    to give thanks for our Salish Sea, and to remember ancestors who were sustained for over 10 thousand years by these waters.

    Orca whales are visiting Penn Cove this week and have been sighted just a few minutes ago as well as a couple of days ago. This is the site of where a pod of whales were captured years ago.

    Park at 1764 Penn Cove Road and head across the street and down to the beach directly

  5. Craig Jacks Says:

    We had wonderful positive prayers blessings praises and affirmations today at lighthouse park beach: which juts out farthest into the Salish Sea than any other into it’s waters.Thankyou you for having us share in this Masura, blessings and goodwill from Pt. Roberts. ps one of the three southern pods of Orcas as well as two harbour seals were swimming around the point as the ceremony was delivered. Many spoke and sang the praises of the greatest gift to life,water.<<>> LOVE GRATITUDE WILLINGNESS AND GRACE

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