Salish Sea

Map with names 

Coast Salish Villages of Puget Sound

Traditional History of the Coast Salish people 

Central Coast Salish

Salishan Indian Family History

A Gathering of Coast Salish Peoples – Western Washington Tribes and British Columbia First Nations of the Salish Sea

The Coast Salish Tribe by Herb Rice

Tribal Journeys Information Site – Canoe Journeys

Journey to Makah 2010 – Canoe Journey 

Orcas of the Salish Sea

Southern Residents

Orca Network

Save Lolita – Orca from Salish Sea Held in Miami Seaquarium

Retire Lolita to Kanaka Bay, San Juan Island T-shirt

Center for Whale Research

The Whale Museum – San Juan Island

Lime Kiln State Park – Wild Orca Viewing from Land – San Juan Island

San Juan County Park – Wild Orca Viewing from Land – San Juan Island  

Killer Whale Tales

 Interspecies Communication – San Juan Island

 Communicating with Orcas – Mary Getten 

Northern Residents


Raincoast Research Society

Alexandra Morton – Books on Orcas 

Salmon Recovery

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

2009 Coast Salish Water Quality Project

People for Puget Sound – Non-profit group dealing with marine-related education, restoration projects and lobbying.

Habitat Work Schedule – Tracking salmon habitat recovery projects

The Puget Sound Partnership

Puget Sound Action Team

The Sound of Broken Promises – Marine life is disappearing from Puget Sound, and fast

Mycofiltration – Mushrooms Cleaning Toxins from Water

 Fungi Perfecti

Terra Commons


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