Dr. Emoto will be blessing the water from Japan May 20, joining with our Medicine Wheel Ceremony – March 19-21, 2011 – Olympia and 8 other points

Join us in co-creating with Blue Thunder, an Eastern Shoshone Wisdom Keeper, the Pacific Northwest Medicine Wheel to heal our water, Mother Earth and ourselves.  This will be a 3 day ceremony centering in Olympia and 8 other points spanning 200 miles across Western Washington – Mt. Rainier, Snoqualmie Falls, Port Gamble, Mt. Olympus, Quinault Nation, Nemah, Columbia River at Cathlamet and Mt. St. Helens.

We are asking all cultures to come together with their songs, dances, prayers and ceremonies, to sit on these nine points offering love to our Mother Earth.
For more information and how you can join the ceremony go to www.earthwisdomfoundation.net


Dr. Masaru Emoto  
















International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim: “We need to look after our water and the life in the water. Fish have a right to the water too. We are the caretakers, the voice for the air, water, Earth. Use your voice, speak up, be the voice for the voiceless. We have the duty of prayer. Give thanks for all. It’s our responsibility as humans. It’s up to us to preserve the Earth.”









Turtle Women Rising


Carl Calleman

Mary E Barton

Thank you to our Co~Sponsors, you make our vision possible!


Seaquarium protesters call for Lolita the killer whale’s release

The ceremony at the  Artesian Well today April 21, 2010 at Noon in Olympia which brought over a  200 people which we all  used these  prayer words with apology, love and gratitude and respect to water. Here is the prayer that we recited together with Dr. Emoto.

“Daidangen” (which is known as Grand Invocation)

Photo by Maria A. Trevizo

The Grand Invocation

“Uchu no Mugen no Chikara ga Korikotte

Makoto no Daiwa no Miyo ga Naninatta”

“The Eternal Power of Universe has gathered itself to

create a world with true and grand harmony”

Here is the actual paper that was passed around Dr. Emoto


Dai Dangen Great Invocation by Masaru Emoto:
uchu no mugen no chikara ga korikotte makoto no daiwa no miyoga narinatta
“The infinite power of the universe has been crystallized to create an era of great truth and harmony”
In house sample.

Sacred Ceremonials for the Salish Sea

Agenda for Sacred Ceremonials for the Salish Sea Ceremony in  click here Agenda

The “Rock on Water!” concert will occur on March 19, 2010 at  The Loft on Cherry at 508 legion street in Olympia, WA. Doors open at 6:30pm; concert is at 7:00pm. Come see a great show and support the natural human right for clean, drinkable water in OlyWa!

Any of you familiar with the Fourth Avenue artesian wellhead? The place in that parking lot where the clean, naturally occurring, drinkable water comes to the surface.  This well is a great free source of potable water available to anyone in Olympia . On warm summer days people will gather at this water source. It comes out of a pipe in the ground between the performance venue Manium and the Olympic Outfitters, a bike, and sports gear store. People from all walks of life talk to each other there. Some folks will bring their guitars and harmonicas and play music, everyone gathering to collect free, natural water for drinking.

Surveys conducted show that about 1000 people a week visit that well to collect fresh water for drinking, but the wellhead is located on private property.

Keep FREE, OPEN, PUBLIC ACCESS, ALWAYS to clean, naturally occurring water.

For more information people can contact:        robbinsa@evergreen.edu