Granny on Water

2/6/2010 Interview

by Animal Communicator Mary Getten

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Granny, J-pod orca matriarch thought to have been born in 1911, lives most of the year with her son Ruffles (J-1, age 59) and the rest of her descendents along with K and L pods of the Southern Resident Community in the protected waters of the Salish Sea.

Granny, there is a man named Dr. Emoto who has studied the way that water crystallizes and how it is influenced by our thoughts. Do you know anything about this?

    Certainly. Thoughts can influence anything, but especially water. We (the whales) send loving thoughts and energy to the water all the time. It is how we help it stay clean. If we were not doing this, the water would be a mess. Of course, there are not enough of us to reverse all the damage. It would help a lot if humans would also do this. Many of the other sea creatures do it as well.

I have for many years, co-sponsored a day where humans do just that. We go to the shore and send love and healing vibrations. Do you remember when we talked about this a few years ago?

    Oh yes, that is right. I do remember, and I remember that we could feel the energy and the changes in the Puget Sound after that. You should remind people to do it every day, not just once a year. We need this support all the time, and since we are in the water, we also gain benefit from your vibrations and blessings.

Dr. Emoto will be doing a blessing not far from my islands in April. Would you like to know when that is happening and perhaps come to it?

    Yes, that would be wonderful. Please let me know when it is happening and I will spread the word. If we can be there, we will certainly come. Tell the people that will be with him, to send out a message, a beacon to us, to call us, and we will come.

What is your (the orca’s) relationship to water?

    The water is our lifeblood. Without water we will die. Without clean water we will die, and whatever happens to us, will soon happen to you as well. There is no reason to keep dumping things into the ocean. Chemicals are poisoning all of us, and it is only a matter of time before the seas themselves die. You must change the way you see the ocean, and when I say YOU, I mean all humans. You must see it as your lifeblood as well, or all life on the planet will cease as we know it.

What can you tell us about the water in your home range, or water in general?

    The water in my home range has been through many changes in my lifetime. (Granny was born around 1912). It has been cleaner, and it has been dirtier. Right now it is out of balance. We are seeing fishes having a hard time finding places to spawn and grow. There are less and less fish in the area, of many different types. Our whole ecosystem is struggling. If doesn’t take much stress in the system for it to start to fail. We are at that point.

What kind of information do you get from the water?

    We taste the water and gain information from it about the chemical composition, about where it came from (which river, etc), how clean it is, and even how much life it contains. We are intimately involved with water, how it flows, where it goes and who lives in each area. We communicate verbally underwater and the sound carries through it. This is good when it is the pod making the sounds. This is bad when it is large ships or sonar. As we travel, the water is often polluted with sound.

Granny, is there anything else you would like to say about water?

    Water is the most important thing on the planet. Without it we will all die. If it is not clean, we will all die. If it becomes too much warmer, we will all die. Is there anything else I can say to convince you that it must – MUST – be taken care of. It is a precious thing and we all depend on it.  Do not take it for granted.

Thank you Granny.  I’ll let you know when the blessing will be happening and have some people on sight call you for a few days before so that you can get there.


The following are excerpts from the book

Communicating with Orcas: The Whales’ Perspective

by Mary J. Getten

“Please inform all that whales have a spiritual nature. We have a highly developed awareness of the inner connectedness of all things, all beings, and all processes on the planet. Whales have stellar origins. We are a class of stars, planetary beings who have taken shape in the oceans for eons. Our purposes have been manifold. We have gathered untold richness in our physical experiences that have added greatly to the experience and knowledge of the Creator, of the Prime Cause, and have been vastly entertaining for us as well. Experience is the whole goal and purpose of being. This is all added to Prime Creator and it enlarges existence, experience, or All That Is.

Humans with their technology and tool making abilities have become lost in their creations. Whales believe that we are all children of Prime Cause and participate in its creation daily. We believe that we are all spirit essence, even humans, and that we take our bodies for the sake of physical experience and growth. Many things can only be experienced in physical form.  Because we are now focused in the physical, we think highly of it and tend to forget other realities. We are all spiritual essence expressing ourselves in this particular plane at this time. When a master comes into a whale body it may be for a lifetime of play and joy. We don’t believe in work. We are already enlightened.

Calls to the Great Ones for help are not being ignored. They are aware of our danger, and if enough people call, and consistently maintain this heart light or energy, we will draw their attention more strongly. This means dislocations and changes. Your economies and governments will undergo dramatic changes. I see their purpose shifting from primarily a nationalistic concern to a much greater and more global perspective.

You humans have lost your connection to the All, the Oneness of Life on this planet, and indeed in the whole galaxy. You have separated yourself from the rest of life, and become lost in greed and possessiveness. When you are in tune with Nature and in flow with the balance of life, greed and possessiveness do not occur. You have what is necessary for your survival. That is how we live. We take only what is necessary, and as a result, all energies work together in harmony.

Humans, as you have sensed, have slipped out of this balance. You hoard things for yourselves because you see the planet as not having enough for all. To end war, you humans must once again see your place in the balance of Nature. You must release the idea that there is not enough for everyone, that you must desperately hold onto your own share, that you are not connected to everyone and everything on the planet. Your idea of separateness is not real.

There is an opening, an energy, a light coming to the planet at this time that will allow you to make the transition. It’s just that you must desire it! Awakening that desire is of prime importance. So, do what you can…Anyone who hears my voice, in any way. Do what you can to open yourself and others to the possibility that all life can live in harmony. Awaken yourself and awaken those around you. Eventually it will spread, and a shift will occur…

We are aware of changes in energy and an increase in vibration on the planet. A shift in consciousness is required to save this planet. If you continue at the current rate, you will destroy everything within the ecosystem, everything that this planet requires to live. When the ecosystem goes, we all go.

The animal kingdom knows how to take care of our home, what it takes to keep things in balance. You humans do not understand this lesson yet. We welcome the change in energies as they will be shifting human consciousness. It is our salvation. If enough people make the shift, things can be turned around on this planet.

Know that you are totally connected to and mutually dependent on this planet. Love it. Protect it. Your existence depends on it. You are children of the beloved Earth, sky, wind and water. When you detach, you die. There is a wave of changing consciousness on the planet today. We have fostered it by sharing our presence with you. Now it is in your hands.”

Granny’s Struggle: Survival perfected by years spent navigating a changing sea

San Juan Island is a happenin’ place for land-based whale watching


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  1. Stacey Mullins Says:

    I just went to a gathering with Golden Eagle who works with Dr. Emoto on water ceremonies and is contact with the 13 indigenous grandmothers around the world who are working on the water blessing and healing issue. He is trying to get a large group of people together for a May 18th water blessing because of an astrological alignment on that day. This is an 8 point grid across the planet and needs as much support as possible. I’d like to pass this on to you for your support. You may well already be aware of this, but I wanted to be sure. This is Golden Eagle’s website:


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